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Databases are collections of data organized for easy access. Databases can include information about specific topics or contain numerous resources on a wide variety of topics. Many state and city libraries maintain databases for use by their citizens; however, users must have an account at their local public library to gain access. Several such databases are included here: contact you local library for more information about databases in city or state.

Grade Level



K through 7

Kidsclick Created and maintained by librarians with strict criteria  for website inclusion, e.g. no commercials sites, no fees, no unsafe privacy features.Web sites are organized using the Dewey Decimal System.
Kidzui Parents and teachers screen content; claims millions of approved websites in database.
ALA's Great Web Sites for Kids The American Library Association and the Association for Library Service to Children identify and organize web sites using strong selection criteria. Web sites are coded for appropriate age groups.

PreK through High School South Carolina's ETV web portal to sites with educational value to children K through 12, parents, and teachers. Organized by subject, grade level, and alphabetically.
World of Words Maintained by the University of Arizona School of Education,
WOW is a free database of culturally authentic children's and adolescent books from around the world.

K through College

US.Gov Web portal for information about and for the United States Government, includes links to maps, historical documents, laws and regulations, statistics, photos, forms, and much more.
DMOZ Websites reviewed by volunteer community members using specified selection criteris. No ads or commercial sites. Directory of student-produced webpages.